South Carolina Federal Credit Union

DOMOTO helps builds a credit union brand and member acquisition.

DOING MORE TOGETHER, a trademark approach to marketing.

DOMOTO (DOO-MOH-TOO). It’s disruptive. It’s distinct. It’s building a brand and helping define a distinct culture at the award-winning, South Carolina Federal Credit Union.

Three simple syllables. A repetition of rhythm. And an acronym, of sorts, for DOING MORE TOGETHER. It’s the thriving connection of members and the service team at South Carolina Federal. DOMOTO comes together in the ways that carefully understands and delivers what 160,000 members really want in banking, so they can do more of what they want in life. DOMOTO is at the soul of the brand, delivered in every marketing channel, and in each market area — and a key message of the credit union that’s consistently awarded as “the best of the best.” So embraced, DOMOTO was trademarked by the credit union.